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LIFUD Competes for GG•Glod Award

Date:2015-12-10 19:23

In recent years, LED driver industry is developing rapidly, and more and more enterprises have been attracted to enter into this field. Just because of this, looking from the supply-demand situation, the low power LED driver industry is now experiencing the problem of surplus production capacity, especially low power indoor LED drivers.  The market competition in this field is out of order and the price war also began.

However, LIFUD, well known for its indoor LED drivers, still can keep growing in this fierce fighting.  As usual, Lifud is always atthe leading level of the LED industry no matter in the aspects of R&D,production, quality and complete service, etc.

This year, LIFUDwill bring the indoor driver, UL Rectangular Metal Driver, to compete for the 2015 Technology Innovation Prize of GG·LED Glod Award.  It is reported that this driver was developedthis year and will fulfill the customers’ demand of panel lights, grid lights, etc. in North American high-end markets.

“The available indoor LED panel light usually applies a big metal box to wrap the plastic LED panel light driver, and the AC wires and DC wires can go out from the metal boxfrom two ends bilaterally and there is no other solution provided to thecustomer,” said Mr. Li Shaoke, LIFUD Deputy General Manager.

“Moreover, putting a plastic casing LED driver inside a metal casing results in bad heat dissipation effect, short lifetime, and low reliability of the LED driver.  And this is not good for mass production, which affects the productivity and then weakens the competitiveness.  Worse still, one driver with two cases means much higher cost.” Mr. Li added.

The Lifud UL integrated panel light driver is the first integrated design in global LED industry and it features compact structure, speedy assembly, better heatdissipation effect and much lower cost compared with traditional design. And ithas also passed UL and FCC certifications and also meets the requirement of CE standard.

Lifud ULRectangular Metal Driver


Input: ultra wide input voltage range: AC100-277V, extremeinput voltage range: AC90-305V

Output: 30W-70W, DC27-42V


1. Active power factorcorrection, high PF(PF > 0.95 @ 230Vac), low THD(THD<13% @ 230Vac);

2. Meet the Class 1 and Class2 LED lights' design standards.

3. The LF-GMDxxxYA series are featured by 1-10V & PWM & Rx three-in-on dimmable function; 10%-100% dimming range.

4. LF-GMRxxxY Sseries features high performance and flicker-free (ripple voltage<1V) and flicker-free (flicker-free coefficient < 1%).

5. Surge level: L-N: 2KV, L/N-GND: 4KV.
Mr. Li also said that this driver has received approvals andtrust from customers like Nationstar, Tooper, Torshare, Huadian Lighting and MAYA and so on. Whether Lifud can achieve the “2015 Technology Innovation Prize” is really to be expected.

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