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LIFUD: Double Wining on “Double Twelve”

Date:2015-12-22 19:07


Dec.12, annual GG·LED Gold Award, seen as Oscar in the LEDIndustry in China, was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.  With the purpose of “search for good products,set up good brands”, GG awarded prizes to a group of leading enterprises in LEDmarket segments and regarded them as the enterprises, brands and individualswith the highest investment value in the LED industry.

In thefierce competition between quality and price, that whether an enterprise has afighting capacity relies on his boldness and strategy. In this PK aboutstrength, Lifud finally achieved two prizes.  Shenzhen Ledfriend Optoelectronics Co., Ltdwon the 2015 the Highest Investment Value Firm Prize and Lifud’s ULRectangular Metal Driver won the 2015 Technology Innovation Prize.

2015 the Highest Investment Value Firm Prize (Cup)

2015 the Highest Investment Value Firm Prize(Certificate)      

2015 Technology Innovation Prize (Cup)

2015 Technology Innovation Prize (Certificate)   

The Lifud UL integrated panel light driver is the firstintegrated design in the global LED industry and it features the compact structure,speedy assembly, convenient maintenance and much lighter in weight.  And Lifud innovative design has solved severalcritical problems of the tradition design.

In order to meet the UL standards, the traditionaldesign often puts a plastic casing driver inside a metal shell. However, this piecing together design has twomajor defects:

(1) There exists a kind of thermal cycle between theplastic casing driver and the metal shell, which results in bad heatdissipation effect, high operating temperature, short lifetime and lowreliability.

(2) Traditional design is not good for massproduction, which affects the productivity and then weakens thecompetitiveness.
On the other hand, Lifud Integrated design is alsofeatured by simple and speedy installation with diversified solutions to wiringconnection.

One panel, four choices

Lifud UL Rectangular Metal Driver has four subversions for customers to select, including the typical version, flicker-freeversion, 0-10V/PWM/Rx three-in-one dimmable version and DALI control version.

And these four versions have all passed UL and FCCcertifications and also meet the requirement of CE standard. They can fulfillthe customers’ demand for high quality LED panel lights, grid lights, etc. inNorth American high-end markets.

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