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New Generation, New Breakthrough

Date:2015-10-14 15:50

1. Excellent Integrated Design
Efficiency up to 91%;
THD can be as low as 7%;
Max PF up to 0.98.

2. High Temp. and High Humidity Testing
Tested in the high temp. and high humidity chamber under humidity 90% and temperature
range -30℃-60℃ for 120 hours.

3. Upgraded Design and Increased Lifetime
The lifetime can reach 60,000 hours under the ambient working temperature of 40℃.
The lifetime table is shown below under different working temperatures:

4. Safe and Environmental Friendly
The plastic case applies PC material of 94V-0 fire-proof, withstanding max 125℃.ROHS compliant, safe and reliable.

5. Upgraded Plastic Case Design
Fixed installation of all standard round and sheet wires in the screw terminal blocks.

6. Quality Assurance and Brand Reliance
The consistent and stable quality is ensured by strictly following the Lifud
internal quality control system and testing procedures.

7. Certifications

8. Standard Parameters

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