Lower Cost? Higher Efficiency? Lifud Brand New Product Meets You!
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Lower Cost? Higher Efficiency? Lifud Brand New Product Meets You!

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Lower Cost? Higher Efficiency? Lifud Brand New Product Meets You!

(Summary description)

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On September 11, Lifud released a brand new commercial lighting LED driver --- LF-GIFxxxPA. With large hand-pressed terminals, the product has convenient wiring assembly design, adjustable power, tunable white, leading flicker-free effect and efficiency. Thoughtful design and excellent performance not only improve the competitiveness of the luminaires, but also facilitate the assembly, inventory and installation for lighting manufacturers, distributors and project engineers.


Ⅰ Easy assembly to save cost

Most notable is the design for easy assembly in LF-GIFxxxPA. To achieve convenient wiring and maintenance for the luminaires, Lifud has made great efforts in the design of L/N terminals, wire pressing cover and output wire plug.

① Two input L/N hand-pressed terminals

Compared with the regular single L/N terminal that needs a slotted screwdriver to operate, LF-GIFxxxPA can be connected without tools. Meanwhile, there are bigger and more wire connecting holes of the terminals that are compatible with wire diameter of 0.75-2.5m².

Besides, two Pin terminal is more convenient for wiring than one Pin. No additional wiring terminals needed can save your cost and settle the wire layout problem.

② "Ear" design for the pressing cover: easier to open it

In the design research, we found that customers often encounter such two problems when using screw free covers:

1)The screw free covers will be fixed by pressed down to a grid before shipment. Customers always find it difficult to open it because of the narrow gap, especially for the foreign customers.

2)When the cover is pressed down improperly in assembly process, the customers have to use a tool to pull it up.

To solve these two problems, Lifud designed a cover with an “ear” to enable customers to open the cover pressed down to a grid without tool easily.

③ Output male female plug

For the luminaires with external LED drivers, there are two ways to fix or change the driver: remove the welding of the luminaire input, or pull up the dust cover of driver and then remove the output wire. Both of them require the assistance of tools and can be tricky. Therefore, many customers will buy additional male female plug to connect the driver and luminaire for convenient maintenance.

Considering this situation, the output terminal of LF-GIFxxxPA was designed as male female plug for simplifying wiring and future maintenance.


Ⅱ Adjustable  Power and Tunable White

Current adjustable via a DIP switch. Tunable white of three gears: cool white, pure white and warm white (depend on the light fixture).

Four versions for your choice:

1. Current of four gears, tunable white of three gears

2. Fixed current, tunable white of three gears

3. Current of four gears, non-tunable white

4. Fixed current, non-tunable white


Ⅲ Better performance improves the competitiveness of light fixtures

Just like our hot-sale product LF-GIFxxxYA, LF-GIFxxxPA also has high efficiency and excellent flicker-free effect. We not only implied Lifud patented magnetic integration technology in PA, but also updated the circuit scheme, so that PA has less wastage than YA and better flicker-free effect.

① Efficiency of 92%, 1-2% higher than the market

How to improve the competitiveness for the light fixtures? Look at this example:

For the end customers: use 2000pcs of light fixtures with LF-GIF040PA (40W) in a project, work for 8 hours a day. If pay ¥1.5/kW·h for the electricity, then can save ¥7008 a year (40W*8H*365days*¥1.5/1000Wh*2%), about $1032.

For the light manufacturers (project side): Higher efficiency brings better light effect, so that fewer light fixtures can achieve the same illuminance and save cost.

Apart from a response to the national policy of energy conservation, high efficiency can directly improve the value of customers’ products.

② The modulation depth of luminaires less than 0.3% under test with professional equipment, outstanding flicker-free effect

Tested by the professional light flicker tester (LFA-3000), PA’s flicker-free effect exceeds the standard of education lighting.

③ Compatible with Class I/II light fixtures and emergency system

Input voltage: 220-240Vac; 200-320Vdc

Output voltage: 30-42Vdc, 40-52Vdc

Output current: 200-1000mA

Output power: 8-44W

Compatibility: Class I/II light fixtures

Certification: CE, CB, CCC, RCM

Warranty: 5yrs

For more pictures and video about Lifud new product LF-GIFxxxPA, please visit

For more details, please call +86-0755-83739299 or contact our sales engineers.

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