Product Collection: 2020 Review&2021 Preview
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Product Collection: 2020 Review&2021 Preview

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(Summary description)2020 product review&2021 new release preview

Product Collection: 2020 Review&2021 Preview

(Summary description)2020 product review&2021 new release preview

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In the last post, we introduced 8 series of new products released in 2020. Many friends and customers showed great interest and looked forward to a detailed introduction, so here we come. More surprisingly, several series of new products will be released in the first half of 2021. Let’s go into 2020 review and 2021 preview!

2020 New Collection

1. LF-GOExxxYx Series (3 versions):

Conventional version (YE/YF): YE: non-dimmable; YF: 3-in-1 dimming(0-10V/PWM/Rx)

Programmable version (YJ/YK): YJ: 0-10V/PWM dimming; YK: 0-10V/PWM dimming+12V/200mA auxpower supply; intelligent adaptive constant power; timing; OLC;

DALI dimming version (YH): DALI2.0 certified; intelligent adaptive constant power; 12V aux power supply (optional)

Output power: 25-320W (YE/YF); 110-320W (YJ/YK/YH)

Certification: ENEC, CE, CB, SAA, RCM, CCC, UL, FCC

Warranty: 5yrs


2. Low Power&Small Size DALI Dimming Series

LF-GSDxxxPF was released in June 2020. Its output power is 6W-40W and size of the smallest model is 30*20*142mm (W*H*L). This series attracted great attention in 2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition because of its unique advantage---small size and top certification.

Very few DALI dimmable drivers can pass EMC certification with such compact size. Lifud insists that every product must pass top certifications no matter how hard it is, including this series.


3. DT8 Dimming&Tunable White Series

LF-GSDxxxYG is a constant current LED driver. Output power: 10-50W. It supports DALI and Push dimming functions, and achieves flicker free and smooth dimming effect during 0.1%-100% dimming process. The dimming accuracy is less than 3%.


4.LED Drivers Specially for Classroom Lighting

Lifud always insists in producing healthy, flicker free, high efficiency and energy saving LED drivers, so our products win great recognition from classroom lighting manufacturers, especially LF-GIFxxxYA---our global hit product. In 2020, we updated the characteristics of LF-GIFxxxYA to meet the needs of classroom lighting. And two new series LF-GIFxxxPB/PC specially designed for classroom lighting were released.


Ultra high efficiency-LF-GIFxxxPB

As a new series designed for conventional classroom lighting renovation, LF-GIFxxxPB has ultra high efficiency of 92%, low THD less than 9% and high PF more than 0.95. It is the first choice for demanding classroom lighting renovation projects.


Leading Technology-LF-GIFxxxPC

Equipped with all the advantages that LF-GIFxxxPB owns, LF-GIFxxxPC attracts customers with its unique function of output lumen compensation. That’s to say, the LED driver is able to adjust output according to the working time of light fixtures. So the illuminance of the light fixtures will not be affected by the attenuation resulted from long term work of led.


6. Mahjong 318 Series


7. DALI Bus Power Supply 


8. DALI Waterproof Converter


2021 New Collection


1. Classroom Lighting-Intelligent Control Series

As a new series designed for intelligent classroom lighting renovation, LF-GSZxxxPC hit the stage with LF-GIFxxxPB/PC in 2020. In 2021, the series will be officially released.

On the basis of conventional classroom lighting, we pay much attention to simple installation, simple usage and simple maintenance, dimming smoothness, dimming depth (<0.1%) and dimming tolerance (<3%). What Lifud desires to achieve is to provide ultimate using experience for customers.


2. Non-isolated UFO GEN.Ⅳ Series

When Lifud released the non-isolated LED driver for industrial lighting at the first time, many customers were sceptical. It’s because of our resolve in product design and sincerity in service that customers experienced the advantages of the innovation in verification. So the non-isolated high power LED driver are booming in nowadays market.

Lifud is always on the way to improve the non-isolated design in application. GEN.Ⅳ series settles the general problem that the light can not be dimmed to off. With this series, the light can be dimmed to off without after-glow, and no additional component is needed on light board.

Left---dim to off, after-glow free  Right---can not be dimmed to off


3. New Dimming Series

Lifud is always committed to build a comprehensive intelligent dimming product line. After preparing for 2 years, we will release constant current/constant voltage new series in 2021, such as:

Constant voltage DALI dimming series

Constant voltage DALI dimming&tunable white series

Constant voltage 0/1-10V dimming series

Constant voltage triac dimming series

Constant current DALI IP67 series

Constant current 0/1-10V dimming series

DALI system accessory

0/1-10V/triac dimming panel


Follow us and do not miss our new product release!



4. Ultra-thin Series for LED Display

As a major category of Lifud high power LED driver, LED display power supply will release a ultra-thin series (200W, single-output/double-output)in 2021. Its size is 150*60*20mm (L*W*H), thinner than the diameter of a coin.

The above is all for today’s introduction. More details about the products please refer to your sales engineer or contact us on Wechat 18814858517

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