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        LIFUD provides super high quality LED drivers and we offer a 3-year warranty on all LED drivers with a rated lifetime of at least 25,000 hours of operation. A 5-year warranty is offered for all LED drivers with a rated lifetime of at least 50,000 hours of operation, and a 10-year warranty is offered for the LED drivers with a rated lifetime of at least 100,000 hours of operation.

        1. Products

        This warranty statement applies to all LED drivers and accessories supplied by LIFUD. 

        2. Duration of the Warranty

        The warranty period for LIFUD products is 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.

        2.1 Batteries warranty

        For rechargeable emergency batteries, LIFUD offers a warranty of one year after delivery.

        2.2 Limited warranty

        For products with a physical rated lifetime of 25,000 hours of operation (some LED drivers of old design), LIFUD offers a warranty for a period of 3 years after delivery. 

        2.3 Basic warranty

        For products with a physical rated lifetime of 50,000 hours of operation or more, LIFUD offers a warranty for a period of 5 years after delivery.

        2.4 Extended warranty for special LED drivers

        LIFUD LF-GIRxxxYJ series and LF-GIRxxxYD series are developed with a physical rated lifetime of 100,000 hours of operation or more by using selected components and durable, robust materials in these solutions for special projects or industrial applications.  And they are offered with 10 years warranty based on solid and reliable extended tests and valid data regarding service life and long-term robustness.

        3. Warranty Conditions

        The warranty offered by LIFUD is valid under the following conditions:

        3.1 The LED drivers and accessories from LIFUD must be transported, stored and operated/handled in accordance with the relevant product’s specification for approval. Limit values for temperatures and voltages must not exceed and the product not exposed to any mechanical stresses.

        3.2 The warranty covers solely product failures caused by material, design or production faults and failure rates that exceed the rated failure rate. The rated lifetime and rated failure rate of a product are considered to be the values defined in the technical documentation.

        3.3 LIFUD cannot be held liable for electrical supply conditions, including supply spikes, over-voltage/under-voltage and ripple current control systems that are beyond the specified limits of the relevant product’s specifications.

        3.4 Defective products caused by man-made damage (improper application, improper glue-pouring, short circuit, etc) or uncontrollable factors (such floods, fires, earthquake, high voltage, acid or caustic corrosion, etc) are excluded from LIFUD warranty condition.

        4. Execution of the Warranty

        In the event of failures exceeding the nominal failure rate, LIFUD on its sole discretion might decide to repair defective components or products, supply adequate products as replacement or reimburse products to original customers. The customers or end customers bear the costs for demounting and remounting as well as for sending in and returning products. Any other costs, e.g. replacement costs upon installation, costs caused from failures of the installation or other damage and/or consequential damage are not covered by this warranty.

        The indicated lifetime is achieved by operating lighting components according to the conditions specified by the manufacturers, to the relevant international standards and in accordance with local regulations. All electronic products have an expected failure rate.

        In view of the statistical failure rate of electronic products, installations with electronic operating devices and rechargeable emergency batteries require regular maintenance. The products must therefore be easy to access at all times. When installing the products, the requirements of easy maintenance must therefore be taken into consideration to keep maintenance costs down. If simple replacement is not carried out in good time, the end customer must be informed of the additional costs that may arise in connection with standard maintenance. In designing and installing luminaries, it should be remembered that the LED drivers and rechargeable emergency batteries may have to be replaced before the luminaire comes to the end of its life.

        5. Utilization of the Warranty

        The warranty has to be claimed immediately by returning the defective product in order to check the validity of the claim.

        6. Applicable Law

        This warranty statement shall be governed by Shenzhen laws of the People’s Republic of China.