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        LIFUD is a leading global LED driver brand.  We have our headquarters located in Shenzhen and our factory in Sichuan province of China.  And we have two R&D centers: one in Shenzhen and one in Sichuan.  Now we are expanding our international sales channel and network and we are dedicated to bringing LIFUD LED drivers of guaranteed reliability to more customers all over the world.


        LIFUD company culture is being an upright person, being serious with work, and being down-to-earth in making products. And here we give you an opportunity to fully act out your passion for light and to realize your potential!



        Career opportunities


        Currently, we have the following job vacancies


        Position:  Marketing Specialist- International Brand Promotion


        Main Responsibility
        As the marketing specialist focuses on Brand Promotion, the main responsibilities include:
        1. Support the marketing activities of Lifud product and brand promotion with an overview of brand promotion plan & implementation.
        2. Increase exposure of Lifud brand awareness and recognition by utilizing global exhibitions and industrial media, etc.
        3. Set up a global distributor network by developing agents and partners in different countries and regions in the world.


        1. 30 yrs and above, native English speaker is preferred.
        2. Has working experience in international company for marketing communication, brand promotion, etc.
        3. Good command of brand international strategy and being skillful in utilizing all new media tools.
        4. Be competent for international business travel.

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