Management Team

The average age of LIFUD management team is 35 years old.  However, they are a team with sedateness, passion, focus and professionalism.  All team members had been elites of their former career before they joined together.  And in 2007, they started the LIFUD enterprise and worked tightly to realize the common LIFUD’s mission, that is, to provide super high quality LED drivers of guaranteed reliability to customers worldwide and to light up one third of the world.


 Mr. Van Yong, LIFUD president and one of the founders, started LIFUD group from scratch.  However, he pools talents together and also has a sagacious perception for LIFUD’s and LED lighting industry’s development.  He insists on technology innovation, product quality first, and customers’ satisfaction oriented concepts and continuously improves LIFUD’s soft power and hard power.  He is working hard and also keeps on studying and aims to guide LIFUD group to continous development.


Mr. Paul Chow, Director and General Manager of LIFUD group, obtained rich experience in production management when he worked as production senior manage in Japanese company KAGA.  He also acquired a lot of marketing management experience from his former position as a regional sales manager in WKK (China).  After he joined LIFUD group, he is in charge of LIFUD all-around marketing management and guided Lifuders to realize annual sales turnover of RMB230 million from annual sales turnover of RMB 5 million. He has sincerity, passion and persistence, thus many of our customers also become his close friends.  And in his spare time, he likes studying and body-building.  “Releasing dopamine makes me in high spirit”, he said to his friends.



Mr. Lee Shaoke, Mr. Ye Jieming, Mr. Zhu Jungao and Mr. Tang Hui are all members of LIFUD management team. And they guide LIFUD R&D team to develop hundreds of LED drivers with high reliability and long lifetime and also keep on improving LIFUD product quality to a higher level.  Thanks to their efforts, LIFUD now has applied more than 100 patents, and the company is running effectively, products quality is approved by more and more customers, and the customers’ satisfaction also keeping increasing.  They are elites in different management positions at LIFUD, and with their passion and efforts, the mission “to light up one third of the world” is going to be realized.


Lifuders’ mission is to light up one third of the world and to create a bright future.

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